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Turmic Compliance law and Cyber Security


All Things Compliance, Licensing and Cyber Security for FX and CFD Brokers


Our Story

Decades of Practice:

With a dynamic career focus, we've specialized in navigating forex, hedge funds, and licensed structures.

Over the years, we've delved deep into these sectors, gaining invaluable insights that extend beyond surface knowledge, ensuring a nuanced understanding essential for success.

Who We Are

Enhanced Regulatory Expertise:

We excel in navigating Labuan, Mauritius, Belize, and Seychelles' regulatory landscapes, streamlining licensing while maximizing operations.

Tailored Strategy:

Specializing in crafting compliant business plans and financial models, we steer ventures with precision, leveraging market insights.


Unmatched Application Success:

Our commitment ensures high success rates. Meticulous documentation and strategic planning reflect your vision, enduring regulatory scrutiny.

Our Vision

Embarking on ventures in forex, hedge funds, and licensed structures demands a partner who not only understands the landscape but also has a proven history of guiding clients to success.

Whether you are navigating the licensing process, seeking expert financial planning, or exploring new avenues for growth, trust in Turmic LLC to be your unwavering ally on this journey.

Welcome to decades of expertise, a legacy of success, and a partnership built for prosperity.

About Us




FX Regulation

We specialise in expediting regulatory compliance, ensuring your business operates smoothly and efficiently across various jurisdictions:

  • Mauritius

  • Seychelles

  • Labuan

  • Belize

  • Exempt jurisdictions


Whether you're establishing a presence in these regions or expanding your operations, our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way. 

Cyber Compliance

We provide Cyber Operational Compliance as a service, ensuring seamless operations amidst disruptions.

It encompasses robust risk management, contingency planning, and agile response mechanisms to safeguard against cyber threats, natural disasters, and regulatory changes.

We help you bolster customer trust, maintain service continuity, and uphold financial stability.

What We Offer

Cyber Security 

In today’s interconnected world, cyber security is paramount. With intricate cyber threats on the rise, opting for top-notch solutions isn’t just a choice—it’s a pressing need.  We ensure your digital assets remain uncompromised.

Trust us to navigate the digital landscape, safeguarding your critical assets from cyber threats.


We help you find bank accounts and EMIs with our trusted partner network


With a daily traded volume exceeding $4 trillion, the risk of money laundering and fraud is high.

Smarter Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures are essential.

Our comprehensive solutions cover KYC, KYB, and AML regulations, ensuring an innovative and business friendly approach


Deep Industry Knowledge with over 35 years of combined experience
Compliance Technology powered by AI
In-house Research Teams 
Holistic Approach to Compliance and Risk
Why Us
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