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Cyber Security - Operational Resilience and Business Continuity


With the introduction of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), cybersecurity has become a paramount concern for financial businesses in the European Union. DORA mandates stringent cybersecurity measures to combat the increasing risks of data breaches, cyber-attacks, and system failures that can lead to significant financial losses and undermine consumer trust. For financial institutions, this means not only adhering to enhanced standards for digital operational resilience but also actively mitigating cybersecurity threats to protect their operations and sensitive customer data.

In this light, Turmic LLC cyber services elevates cybersecurity from a technical necessity to a strategic imperative, ensuring that financial entities can sustain operations and maintain integrity in the face of evolving digital threats.

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Preventing Threats

  • Proactive upkeep services

  • Operative continuity

  • Averting disruptions

  • Optimizing asset longevity and performance

  • Utilization of advanced technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics.

  • Maintenance strategies: usage or time-based, predictive, and prescriptive.

  • Minimization of maintenance costs. Reduction of unplanned downtime.

Cyber Security

  • Mitigate Risks for digitally active business

  • Comprehensive cybersecurity services

    • Threat assessment,

    • Auditing

    • Monitoring,

    • Employee training programs,

    • Policies and procedures,

    • Incident response and recovery.

  • Expertise, cost-effective solutions, and peace of mind

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Immediate Response to Suspected Hacking:

  • Enhancing Security Post-Incident

  • Long-Term Security Measures

  • Forensic Analysis

  • Counteroffensive Strategy

  • Preventing Future Incidents

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